UV Coating:

UV coating is a compound applied to paper and dried by ultraviolet light. UV coating enhances the colors in your designs and they also protect your marketing materials so they last longer. The result is a finished glossy product with more vibrant colors.

Matte Coating:

A matte coating boosts the contrast of your images without leaving a glare or shine


14pt cardstock

14 pt cardstock (.014 inches thick) is a commonly used paper thickness for marketing materials. It is great for business cards, postcards, and more. The paper is .014 inch thick which makes it rigid and durable.

16pt cardstock

16 pt cardstock (.016 inches thick) is a bit thicker and sturdier than 14 pt. 


100lb Gloss Book

100lb Gloss Book is a high quality glossy paper that feels more substantial than ordinary copy paper but is still flexible.

100lb Gloss Cover

100lb Gloss Cover is a high quality thick and glossy cover stock/card stock.