What are the dotted red and blue lines on the templates?

The dotted red line is the cutline where the final product will be trimmed (the edge of the product).
The dotted blue line represents the “safety area” and any important text or artwork needs to stay inside this area or it might get cut off during the trimming process.

I uploaded my own image and now the DPI is flashing in red. What does that mean?

DPI (dots per inch) is a measurement of resolution of input, output and display devices. The higher the dpi (the more pixels per inch) the more crisp the printed image will be. The minimum DPI (resolution) that we recommend is 300 DPI. That ensures that your photos will print clearly. If your image is generating a warning, it is best to find another image that has at least 300 DPI. 

How do I know what DPI my images are?

If you don’t have any image editing software, in Windows Explorer, right-click the image and select “Properties” from the context menu. Then click on Summary or Details (Windows 7) and you will see the resolution of the image.

On a Mac you can open it in Preview, click Tools > Show Inspector and the information will popup. You can also select the image in Preview and use Command+I to get the image data.

How do I remove the Realtor and/or Equal Housing Logo?

To remove those logos, just click on the images and drag them off the page. That will ensure that they are not in the final print.

Why are there two Equal Housing logos on my postcard?

The small logos are placeholders for optional logos. Click on them and you will see a small gallery of logo selections.You can choose white or black Realtor and/or Equal Housing logos. To remove the logos, click and drag them off the page. 

I have a lot of text to add and I need more room. What do I do?

You can increase the size of the text boxes by dragging the edges. You can also move some text boxes off the page if you want to create more room for a main text box. The text size in the boxes will automatically reduce if you are putting in more text.

Note: When moving text boxes on the back of Direct Mail postcards or on the outer side of the Direct Mail flyers, please make sure you do not move text to the white areas. The white areas are pre-designated for address printing and they need to be left blank.